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Price is $50.00
You get all of what you see here:
-> 3 Views = $30.00
-> 2 Facial Expressions = $10.00
-> Cutie Mark Closeup = $5.00
-> Full color pallet = $5.00

(Other things you can add to your sheet - $10.00 Each)
Magic and Magic color | A
Pet | Dragon Companion

**They can be any gender.



Only 6 slots for now, so grab them while you can!
(To claim a spot, please send a note)
1. unclaimed
2. unclaimed
3. unclaimed
4. unclaimed
5. unclaimed
6. unclaimed

(In the NOTE please include)

Character's Name:
Species: (Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth Pony, Mule, Griffon, Dragon Ext.)
Refs or Detailed Description: (These could be photo references from the show)
Extras(Optional $10 each): (I'll need a description or refs)
Pet: (need a name)
Dragon companion: (need a name)
La dee dah...
Got my wisdom teeth removed!
All 4 of them!!
Sorry if I haven't been active. I recently got married to the most wonderful man in the whole world!I was really surprised how well Dad took to my husband. He never approves of ANY of my boyfriends... but anyway. But there's some bad news to this.. we had to up the wedding because a few months ago my father had cancer. He got to walk me down the isle and give me away. I was so happy! My husband and I were at home recently when I got a call from my grandmother that Dad had taken a turn for the worst.  I spent a night with him in the hospital and he couldn't even talk... It killed me to see him in such pain.. turns out he told my grandmother before he got too sick that if something would happen he wanted to be at the house. He didn't want to die in a hospital.. so that's what we did... we got him set up at the house so he could be comfortable... but he only lasted a couple days. He died on Saturday at 9:30 pm.. surrounded by his four daughters and his loving friends and family... he was only 41.. I miss you so much daddy.. but I know now you're no longer in pain. You're walking along side the lord, playing your guitar.

I love you Daddy.
In other news, don't be surprised if you don't see a lot of artwork from me for a while. I've been really active on furaffinity... so I'm like.. hardly ever here.. so talk to you soon I guess.
Cherish every moment you have with your parents.. no matter how annoying they are or how much of a pain they can be. They're still your parents, and they love you no matter what.
Hello everyone!
It's been a while, but I just wanted to let you know that I just put a down payment on my first fullsuit evah! It will be made by the lovely :iconbluewolfcheetah:!
Also! I have created a tumblr for my character Blizzie!



Info and Pricing:

Furaffinity Account:
Seriously. I got hacked yesterday and I can't get a hold of any human being at all! I know exactly who hacked me and why and I can't tell anyone about it! WTF Facebook! I hate you!
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Available-Point and Cash Commissions!

Prices will vary depending on the commission, but I'll give you an idea of what it will be like.
Also!!! I do have a PayPal account now, and I'm still trying to learn how to use it. I would prefer payment over paypal, but :points: are just as good!

:bulletgreen: Line Art Com. = These commissions are the cheapest running up to 5$ or 400:points:

:bulletyellow: Flat Color Com. =These commissions are flat shaded drawings with little or no shading and maybe a background. These are 15$ or 1200:points:

:bulletred: Fully Finished Com. = These, depending on the scale of detail, will be probably the most expensive of the three so far. These include can or could include multiple characters,fully detailed backgrounds, full shading/lighting, ect. These can run up to 50$ or 4000:points: AT THE MOST! Its sounds outrageous, but it does take a lot of time and patients to do a fully scaled drawing. :( BUT!!! Prices can vary especially on the scale or size of the drawing. Over all the prices will be 30$ or 2400:points:.

:bulletblack: OTHER THINGS I CAN DO= going along with the categories I have listed, I can do some more specific commisions.
                     :bulletgreen: MLP fim original character reff sheets and FurAffinity icons. These can range from 5$ to 15$.
                     :bulletyellow: WoW roleplay characters and fursuit badges! These will be from 15$ to 30$ at least.

But enough of my rambling, if you have any questions.. any at all please comment below. It will help others if it happens to be a frequent question I get or something. lol

:bulletred: Please send your commission request to me in a Note! Try to include a detailed description of what you want as best you can or provide me references.
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Here are more updates for my fabulous watchers! I have a new Furaffinity account! Go to eeet~!-------->…
ALSO! I have a Paypal now so I can take money commissions!!
That is all.........

:iconrequestfriendsonly: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconcommissionsopen:
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Hello again!
I just thought I'd give you guys a bit of a update of whats going on lately. I've been working a lot so I don't get to draw as much as I would like, but I get to sketch a little while at work when it's slow... should I post the sketches or no?(Answer in a comment below if you would like) Anyway, I am starting a portfolio so I can start an apprenticeship at a local tattoo parlor near where I live, *w* can't wait! And...Um.... OH YEAH! Updates on commissions and junk!

:iconrequestfriendsonly: No offense...>.>

:icontradesask: In the past I've had some trades that went a little one sided so... I'm a little skeptical on trades.

:iconpointcommissionsopen: I only do Point commissions for now.

:iconcollabsask: I've never actually done a collab before so if you're interested, maybe we could talk about doing one first.

If you would like to do any of these above, please send me a message in a NOTE. I don't always get the comments on my page so if you want an answer quickly, please send a NOTE.
Sorry I haven't been putting in as many drawings as I usually do. I really haven't had that much drawing time lately. I've been working on my comic book stuff, my Halloween costume, and I got a job recently so I've been working all the hours they've offered because I need money.
No, I'm not posting any updates on my comic on here.. ever... only a select few will be able to know what I'm doing recently on that. I don't want any attempts of theft. Anyway, of any doodles that I do on my break or whatever I will post on here... I've been drawing a lot of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fanart recently of my family members so I'll post those when i get them finished..
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been putting up any artwork lately. I haven't had time to draw any! lol I have a job now! So my days off I'll draw some pics and post them~!!
Things are bad.
Not so bad.
No... it's bad.
It's always something....
something always happens..
I'm tired.
I don't want anymore of this.
I just wanted to update a few things while I'm still up.

I'm beginning dA point commissions, trades, and the occasional request. I also wouldn't mind doing a co-lab here and there.
Here's a list!

    :bulletblue:Sketches= $5(400 points)
    :bulletblue:Color/ No special bg=$10(800 points)
   :bulletblue: Color/Specific bg=$25(2,000 points)
    Until I get my paypal squared away, points will be just fine!:heart:
    I will only keep three slots for commissions open at a time until all of them are finished I won't be taking in anymore.
    Good things come to those who wait.

                      1) OPEN
                      2) OPEN
                      3) OPEN

    Because of the three commissions above I'm only opening up one slot for trades.. so I don't overwhelm myself.

                      1) :iconrocklee12:

    For now requests are closed.

If you have any questions just let me know.
:bulletpurple:Please notify me of your commission/trade in a note describing want you want in great detail.
:bulletpurple:Please give me as many references of you're OC as possible so I don't screw'em up. Its kinda embarrassing.
:bulletpurple:Please, if there are no slots open wait a month or so and they're sure to open up again.
Omg. I've been playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time non-stop for the past 4 and a half days and I am now stuck in the freakin' shadow temple.... oh well! I'll just keep playing it and playing it! I luuuuuuuuuuuuv dis game so much.x3
Omg, I just got home yesterday from the most wonderful, magical, and fuck'n fantastic place on Earth! FREAKIN' DISNEY WORLD!!!!! I have never had a better summer vacation in my life! My life long dream has finally been fulfilled!! I TOUCHED CINDERELLA'S CASTLE AND IT WAS STARWARS WEEKEND AT EPCOT!! I FUCK'N SAW GEORGE LUCAS!!!!!!! MADE MY OWN LIGHTSABOR!!! I've never been so happy in my entire life! x3 and got a new boyfriend in the process. >/////////////////////////< He's the sweetest guy I've ever met.. I know I said that about the last guy.... but.... This guy really means it.... I can tell he really does care about me. *deep happy sigh* soooo sooo happy.
I have a new manga idea that I've been working on for about a month now! And guess what! I'm keeping it a secret!!!!! :iconlol-spartaplz:
My effin' laptop crashed! -_-
One thing right after the other...
:iconjapanplz::iconjapan2plz: Pray for Japan :iconjapanplz::iconjapan2plz:
dyed my hair purple!
Omg, I wanted to grow my hair out, but it just reminded me of why I cut it in the first place. I HATE HAVING LONG HAIR! Next chance I get I'm going to cut it all off again! But I'm unsure of what style I wanna cut it to next.
Send me some ideas!